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Hi there,

I’m Faith and welcome to The Goals Hub and The Impact Amplifier.

I started my career in Finance and qualified as a CPA. And, after a 15 year corporate career in senior leadership roles, I went back to University and studied Psychology and then coaching.

I took a leap and left my high paying corporate role to combine my practical corporate and leadership background with my expertise and knowledge in human behaviour. And, 10 years later, here I am. I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds and hundreds of professionals, just like you, helping them uncover what’s holding them back from creating the career success they desire.

I now specialise in working with professional women, so that they can overcome their self-doubt become more confident, impactful and visible leaders and communicators that get noticed.

And, I do this because I get really energised by helping transform people through self-leadership, and I know how impactful and how valuable you can be once you overcome the things that are holding you back.

My style is supportive, practical and action oriented. I’m definitely not a jump on the table, high-five,  kind of coach or trainer and if that’s the style your after than maybe I’m not for you.  If, however, you want someone to help you set direction, overcome what’s holding you back and challenge and support you as you achieve your goals, then let’s talk.


What Others Say...

"I was fortunate to meet Faith when I was at a turning point in my career and was out of ideas on how to move on and what to do next. She gave me some very useful tools to help uncover limiting thought patterns and improve my communication and impact. Faith is a great listener and has helped me pinpoint my strengths & weaknesses, resolve my struggles/frustrations and shown me how to hold myself accountable for the development of my career."


"Thank you Faith! In a short space of time, I went from being unhappily stuck in my career and seeking escape routes, to being committed again and feeling excited about how far I can take it! You've given me practical steps to take to modify my thinking and beliefs that I can use again and again. I now have solid hope for a great career trajectory that I would not have had if not for your coaching to transform my mindset."


"I've gone from sleepless nights, worrying I was going to loose my job because I couldn't build relationships to feeling secure in myself and the value I bring."


"I was stalling in my business and Faith helped me align my goals and values, develop a realistic plan of attack and manage my mind so I'd actually do what I said I would. Working with Faith has transformed the way I think about myself and my energy levels in my business. I can't thank you enough."


“Realigning my personal and professional goals has provided the necessary direction to re-energise my ambitions. Faith has taught me techniques to ensure I make the necessary changes in the most effective ways to achieve my objectives. I look forward to working with Faith in the future in reaching my full potential.”


I have been through many development programs in the past, however working with Faith has had the most impact. Her ability to listen and take on board what the real gaps are is a real asset. Now that I have all the tools available to me I know flow on benefit will be for my kids also. - Thank you


I recommend that if you want to engage the services of a focused individual like Faith you will more than likely get a results driven outcome that really adds value.


Faith's expertise and interpersonal skills are outstanding, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She is very engaging and possesses the ability to challenge and encourage in the same breath. I have appreciated her coaching and advice and feel both I and my business have benefited immensely as a result. She is a good person to know!


"Thank you Faith for enabling me to prioritise my time, evaluate my goals, and manage my budget. Your guidance and gentle encouragement has allowed me to realise where I want to be and how to get there. Thank you.”


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