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I was listening to an interview with John Assaraf recently and he mentioned a time when his mentor asked him whether he was interested in achieving his goals or dreams or was he committed to achieving them.  He talks about how a light bulb went off when his mentor explained the difference  between the two.  He decided from that time on, he was committed.  And, his results and success are proof of his commitment.

The difference between interested and committed is that if you are committed to something you will do everything in your power to make it happen but if you are only interested you will find excuses when the going gets tough or even before you even start.

You see, if you are committed, you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal or goals. If you are interested, you’ll do only what’s convenient or easy.

If you are interested, you’ll believe your excuses and you’ll come up with all the reasons why you can’t achieve your goal.

I see this so many times with clients, family and friends and even myself.

I see clients interested in loosing weight and getting healthier, but when faced with temptation they give in and use the excuse that they’ll start again next week.

I see people who want to start their own business but when it comes to setting aside time to do it, they really would rather sit in front of Netflix or the TV.

You see, if you are committed, you’ll start today, not tomorrow. Every single day, you’ll do what you need to do to reach your goal, no excuses. This doesn’t mean it will be easy and it doesn’t mean you won’t be scared at times. What it does mean, is you will let go of all your reasons why you can’t achieve your goal and focus on doing the things that mean you will achieve it.

So, are you interested or committed?

The answer is quite easy to find out.

Have a look at you have done today, this week, this past year and your actions will reveal the answer.

The obstacles you choose to face and overcome will reveal your commitment level.

It’s the outputs you’ve created and the hard work you put in that will quickly reveal your level of commitment.

You see, interested people talk about everything they are going to do one day.
Committed people will one day talk about what they have accomplished!

How do you get committed?

If you are reflecting and you’ve noticed you’ve only been interested, how to you get committed?


You stick at it when it gets difficult. You make plans to overcome your obstacles. You manage your thoughts so instead of quitting or giving up you find a way forward.

You take consistent, daily, weekly, monthly action towards your goal and commit to achieving it no matter what.

So, today, have a think about what you want and those things you haven’t quite achieved in your life yet.  Are you ready to commit to them and make them happen?

Are you interested or committed? Only you can decide?

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