Impact Accelerator


You want more confidence, more influence and more visibility.

You might feel like your career has stalled or isn’t progressing as you thought it would.

You know you have more potential and can add more value but you don’t know how to show others that.

You know you can be more impactful, but how do you change your communication so that your message is heard.

You’re overworking, stressed by a never-ending to-do-list and pressing deadlines but it’s not getting you noticed or leaving time to work on the important things.

Now feels like the time to come out of the shadows and let people know what you are really capable of.

But, you want to do it in a way that still FEELS like you.

It’s time to wake up each morning excited about the day ahead.  Knowing you are respected, acknowledged and valued for your contributions and accomplishments.

It’s entirely possible, and all it takes is four weeks.


Welcome to the Four Week Impact Accelerator

The Impact Accelerator has been designed to give your self-leadership, self-awareness, communication, confidence and productivity a boost.

In just four weeks your communication will have more impact, your awareness around who you are and what you bring as a leader will skyrocket.  And, you’ll be working on the right things, at the right time, in the right way.

You’ll develop the skills, mindset and behaviours to confidently communicate, lead, get results and get noticed.

You’ll have more impact!

If you…
  • Struggle with self-belief but are great at criticism
  • If you are perceived as a specialist and ‘not quite ready’
  • If you’re message isn’t getting through and your communication doesn’t have impact
  • If you’re stressed and overwhelmed feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day
  • If you struggle to be respected, acknowledged and valued for the work you do
  • Or, if you feel like an imposter, waiting for the day they find out ‘you’re not up to the role’
…then the Four Week Impact Accelerator might be just what you need.


The Four Week Impact Accelerator is a group coaching program that helps you develop a mindset of confidence, intention and achievement setting you up to work on the right things at the right time, in the right way, so you have more impact, get noticed and get recognised for the work you do and the results you deliver.

The foundation of every impactful leader is the ability to lead yourself.  To set a direction and intentionally manage your thoughts and actions to get there.  To have awareness of the impact of your actions on others and adjust accordingly to drive results.

It’s knowing how to harness your internal drive to achieve, develop and keep moving forward, no matter the obstacles you face.


Here’s what you’ll learn:


Week One-Become a masterful self-leader and boost your self-awareness so you have more impact:
  • This week you’ll learn what it means to be an effective self-leader and the impact it has on your effectiveness, your productivity, your influence and your impact.
  • You’ll craft a leadership brand that differentiates you from other leaders by defining who you are, who you want to be as a leader and how you will interact with others to produce results



Week Two-The keys to managing time so it doesn’t manage you:

We all have 24 hours in the day.  You don’t need more time.  You just need the skills and discipline to work on the right things at the right time which means less stress, less overwhelm and more impact.

  • This week you’ll learn the three crucial habits that will give you back hours each week.  It’s an easy to implement weekly rhythm that give you time to work on the important things which means more impact.
  • You’ll also learn scientifically researched and proven ways to stop procrastination in its tracks.  Strategies and tips that actually work.  The best laid plans are nothing if you can’t tame that distraction monster.


Week Three-How to master your mindset and behaviour for maximum impact:

This week will highlight awareness of how you think and the impact this has on your actions and interactions.

  • You’ll learn how to change your thinking so any result is possible.
  • You’ll build confidence to step up, take action, be visible and drive results, even if it feels uncomfortable.
  • You’ll learn the ability to project confidence and poise, even under pressure.


Week Four-The keys to lifting your profile and becoming a masterful communicator and influencer that builds trust quickly:

90% of your role is communication.  Therefore your career success and your leadership success rests on your ability to communicate effectively and with impact and to influence to drive results.

  • This week you’ll learn your natural communication and decision-making preferences and the impact that has on how you communicate.
  • Then you’ll learn how to read anyone and determine their communication preferences so that you can adjust your style to build trust and influence to drive results.


Impact Accelerator
How does it work?

The group program runs for four weeks.  We meet twice a week over zoom:

  • Every Monday at 12pm for around 45mins of teaching and 45mins of coaching
  • Then, on Friday at 10.30am we meet for a quick 30minute implementation and planning session.  You can catch up on any actions, ask questions and use the time to plan your coming week.
  • This is supported by a private Facebook mastermind group so you can have all your questions answered in between the weekly coaching calls.

    impact accelerator


    You’ve just missed this intake, we started on 26 October 2020

    (But, don’t miss out again!!. I cap enrolment as it’s only available to a small intimate group. It really is first come, first served.  Register your interest below for the next enrolment so you don’t miss out again.)


    Let me ask you a question?


    If a door to a new role opened right now, are you ready to step through. Or, more importantly, would you be considered first in line?


    If not, then this program is definitely for you. Because, this four week boost will change the way you see yourself, the impact you have and the way you are perceived in the organisation.


    And all for just $899



    Meet Faith…

    I’m Faith Styles

    I’m owner of The Goals Hub and creator of Impactful Leaders, The Goals Academy and Women Who Thrive.

    I’m a qualified CPA who started my 15-year corporate and senior management career in Finance.

    I have a thirst for knowledge and am obsessed about human behaviour, psychology and what makes us tick. This thirst resulted in me studying Psychology, coaching, behavioural assessments and NLP.

    Ten years ago I took the leap and left my well paying corporate role and here I am. So fortunate to do what I love. I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds and hundreds of people to help them become more impactful and effective leaders. I’ve seen people transform and completely change the way they view themselves which impacts their career, their success and how others perceive them.

    While I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I am also very practical and fundamentally believe that knowledge is great, but unless you do something with it, it’s just that, knowledge. It’s really just more stuff in your head until you do something with it – take action and implement.

    That’s why, working with me is about action. Because this is when you see change.