how many promises do you break

How many promises do you break?

I’m gonna…

I wanna do it…

I’ll start on Monday…

When I’m not so busy…

This year is my year to…

We make statements like this to ourselves all the time, only to quickly come up with an excuse as to why we can’t do it and why it’s too hard.

What would happen if you actually stuck a flag in the ground and made a promise to yourself?  One that you will keep.

What would happen if you paid less attention to how you ‘feel’ about what you are doing and actually just did it because you promised yourself that you would.

You only need to start small.  Something as simple as setting your alarm and actually getting up as soon as it goes off.   Keep that promise to yourself and do it, despite how you might feel at the time.

The more you keep the promises to yourself, the more capable you will feel.  The more capable you feel, the more you will identify with being the type of person that does what they said they would.

And, as you keep the promises you make to yourself, no matter how small, you’ll gather evidence that your life can be whatever you promise it to be.

Start small and gather evidence that you are the type of person that keeps the promises they make to themselves:

  • I said I’m getting up so I’m getting up
  • I said I’d go for a walk so I’m going for a walk
  • I said I wouldn’t eat that so I’m not going to eat it.

Then watch it snowball into other parts of your life.  After all, your life is really just the result of the things you do and don’t do.

So, what small promise are you going to start with?

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