how to get unstuck

My tip for this week is…how to get unstuck.

Have you ever felt stuck?

Really stuck?  You want something but no matter what you try, you just can’t make a decision, or get started, or make progress.

It’s a terrible feeling and can result in a lot of wasted time so I thought I’d share some tips that work for me when I’m stuck.

1. Talk to someone–get their thoughts, their perspective, their encouragement. Find someone to keep you accountable and give you a kick up the butt if you stay ‘stuck’ too long.

2. Leave it and come back to it –sitting with something you are stuck on for too long is frustrating and unproductive. So, leave it for a while. Work on something else. Go for a walk. The best ideas can come when you are doing something completely different to the task you’re stuck on.

3. Take one bite at a time–sometimes you get stuck because something seems too big or too overwhelming. Break it down into small actions and deliverables and put a deadline against each action. Then focus on just that one next action only and do it.  Don’t think about all the other actions.  You’ll just get overwhelmed again.  Action creates momentum and motivation and that means progress.

4. Do it first thing–schedule time in your diary to work on the thing you’re stuck on first thing in the morning, before email, before distractions, when your brain is fresh.  Get it done before you have a chance to make an excuse to get out of it.  And, there’s an added benefit from this.  You set your self up for a great day because you’ve made progress right from the start.

Hope these help you out of your ‘stuckness’.

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