impact amplifier


When clients come to me, they share:

“I lack the confidence and self-belief to stand up for myself. I feel invisible, my voice is lost in meetings and I’m not recognised for my capabilities.”

“My self-doubt holds me back and I’m not reaching the success I deserve.”

“Even though I’ve been successful, I feel like an imposter, I’m waiting for the day they find out I’m not up to it.”

“I feel over worked and used. It doesn’t matter how hard I work, it’s never noticed or acknowledged.”

“Despite good feedback, I make things difficult for myself, comparing myself to others, wishing I was more confident like them.”

It doesn’t need to be this way!!

What difference would it make to you, if you experienced real confidence and belief in yourself, your impact and your abilities?

What would it mean for your career success, your income and your fulfilment?

And, how would it feel to finally be acknowledged and valued as the confident, influential and impactful leader you are truly capable of being?

If you…
  • Struggle with self-belief but are great at criticism
  • If you are perceived as a specialist and ‘not quite ready’
  • If you’re message isn’t getting through and your communication doesn’t have impact
  • If you’re stressed and overwhelmed feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day
  • If you struggle to be respected, acknowledged and valued for the work you do
  • Or, if you feel like an imposter, waiting for the day they find out ‘you’re not up to the role’
…then The Impact Amplifier Inner-Circle is just what you need.



Let me ask you a question?

If a door to a new role opened right now, are you ready to step through. Or, more importantly, would you be considered first in line?
f not, then The Impact Amplifier Inner-Circle is definitely for you.

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Meet Faith…

I’m owner of The Goals Hub and creator of The Impactful Amplifier, The Goals Academy and Women Who Thrive.

I started my career in Finance and qualified as a CPA.  And, after a 15 year corporate career in senior leadership roles, I went back to University and studied Psychology and then coaching.

I took a leap and left my high paying corporate role to combine my practical corporate and leadership background with my expertise and knowledge in human behaviour. And, 10 years later, here I am. I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds and hundreds of professionals, just like you, helping them uncover what’s holding them back from creating the career success they desire.

I now specialise in working with professional women, so that they can overcome their self-doubt become more confident, impactful and visible leaders and communicators that get noticed.

And, I do this because I get really energised by helping transform people through self-leadership, and I know how impactful and how valuable you can be once you overcome the things that are holding you back.