Not hitting goals

Not hitting your goals, then you’re focusing on the wrong things.

When I first went into business for myself the thing I found the most difficult was sales.  Actually, to be perfectly honest, I still find it a bit difficult!

Back then though, I found it so difficult that I avoided sales meetings, missed networking events I’d registered for and spent a lot of time on the things that were easy but didn’t add value.  Things such as designing my logo and what colours my website should be.

You see, I’ve never thought of myself as a sales person.  I started my career as an accountant for goodness sake.  You can’t get much further apart than accountant and sales person!!

But then I learnt this pretty simple model – the BE, DO, HAVE model.

It’s basic premise is who do you need to BE and what do you need to DO in order to HAVE what you want.

You see, many people just focus on the HAVE and neglect the BE and the DO part.

I wanted to HAVE a business, and I focused on that.  I didn’t want to BE a salesperson or Do what a sales person needs to do.  So I ignored that.

But, after I learnt that model, I realised I had to change. Because, when you want something different, it requires you to BE and DO something different (read more about this in my article If Nothing Changes, Nothing Will Change).

By that, I don’t mean be another person, you need to remain true to who you are.  What I mean by that is you need to the BE the person that does things differently.

I realised, after learning this, that in order to HAVE my own business, I needed to BE a sales person and I needed to DO the sales meetings, proposals, cold calling and networking events.

I set a target number for the amount of ‘relationship building’ coffees and sales meetings I went to each week.  Before I walked into every networking event I attended I took a deep breath, but I went in.

I braced myself before everyone of the cold calls that I did.

I may have found all of this difficult difficult but I did it, because that was who I needed to BE and what I needed to DO.  Not surprisingly, the more I did all these things, the easier they got.  I still didn’t love them, I still found them difficult, but not quite as difficult.

Not hitting your goals? Switch your focus:

So, do you know who do you need to BE and what you need to DO in order to HAVE the things you want?

And, more importantly, are you BEING and DOING those things, no matter how difficult they are?  Because, that’s the only way you will HAVE the things you want.

Have fun being and doing!

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