What is Kick-Start?


Kick-start is exactly what you need to achieve that goal you’ve been longing to achieve.

Maybe it’s to lose weight, get healthier, change careers, improve your relationship, start that business you’ve always dreamed of.

Maybe you’re not sure what it is but you know it’s something more than you have now.  Maybe you know what it is but don’t have the confidence to take the steps you need to take to get you there.

What ever it is, maybe you just need a little kick-start to get you there.

How does kick-start work?

Kick-start runs for one month.

You kick off with a 45min one-on-one coaching session (over the phone) with Faith and during this time you will:

– gain absolute clarity on the goal you wish to achieve

– uncover what has prevented you from reaching it so far

– develop the standards and actions you need to implement to reach your goal

– walk away with an action plan to meet your goal

For the next month, you have daily email/sms support from Faith to hold you accountable, motivate you through obstacles, support you and encourage you as you work towards your goal.

Your month concludes with a 15min follow up session (over the phone) where you reflect on what you’ve achieved and start the cogs thinking ‘what’s next…’.

What will you get?

With kick-start you get:

  • Absolute clarity on that dream or goal you’ve been chasing
  • A rock-solid plan to work over the next month
  • A set of standards, that you’ve set, that you will follow to achieve your goal
  • A coach that offers daily encouragement, support, strength, insight and motivation to give you an edge that you wouldn’t have on your own
  • The confidence to take the steps and do the work that you know you are capable of but haven’t believed until now.

What’s next?

Life’s short. Don’t keep putting off that dream because you don’t know where to start or don’t have the confidence to start.

It’s time for your to get a kick-start for just  $149

(When you click ‘Buy Now’, you will be directed to a PayPal page to process your payment.  You can either log into PayPal or click on ‘pay by card’.  Following your payment you will be be sent to a page that contains a link to my calendar where you can book in your kick-start 45min session).