results truth

Results Truth

I heard a term this week that I loved.  That term was ‘results truth’.

Why did this term resonate so much with me?  I think because it’s so simple.  Your results don’t lie.  You are either getting the results you want or you’re not.  And, it doesn’t matter how much you try to convince yourself that you are taking all the steps you need to take and doing all the things you need to do, if your results aren’t where you want them to be, then maybe you’ve been lying to yourself about what it is you have, or haven’t, been doing.

I know that sounds harsh but another reason the term ‘results truth’ resonated with me so much is because it made me realise that I’ve been lying to myself (ohh nooo!!!).

Lately I’ve been feeling that I’m working really hard and taking lots of action and steps but I’m not quite seeing the results I wanted to see by now.  I’d convinced myself that I’m doing everything I can. But, my results are telling me that maybe I’m not, because if I was, then my results would be different.

You see, we are actually really good at lying to ourselves.  Our brain loves to believe things that aren’t true and it’s amazing how easily we can easily convince ourselves of this truth, when in reality, our results are telling a very different picture.

But, at the end of the day, results don’t lie.

Let’s look at an example, weight.

What is your weight?  That’s your result.  That weight is the truth.

Is that result where you want it to be?

What have you been telling yourself regarding your weight (I eat healthy but it makes no difference,  I been exercising but nothing changes, I was really good this week and I’ve put on weight. etc. etc.).  This is your story (or lie).  This is your mind convincing yourself of the truth when really the results are telling a different story.

Now, let’s look at another example, money.

Think of how much money you are making in your career or your business – this is the result you have created, the truth.

What actions have you taken, and continue to take, to get that income?

What thoughts do you have about that level of income-is it at the level you want it to be?  How do you feel about the actions you’ve taken to achieve it?  What are your thoughts about the actions you need to take to generate your desired income?  Is your ‘results truth’ aligned with the truth you’ve been telling yourself about your income?

This is where ‘results truth’ resonated for me.  I am taking a lot of action but, right now, I’m not seeing the results I want.

Now, is the time for me to stop telling myself I’ve been taking action and to look at my results truth and ask “what do I need to do differently to what I’ve been doing, to get the results I want”.  It’s time for me to focus on my ‘results truth’ rather than the ‘truth’ I’ve been telling myself.

The results don’t lie.  Your results can show you exactly what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing (and not doing!).

So, thinking of your goal, what results are you seeing?  Are they where you want them to be? Have you been telling yourself the truth when it comes to working towards this goal?

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