mid year reflection
Six questions for mid year reflection:

I don’t know about you, but it feels like I’ve just blinked and it’s already the last week of June.  The past six months have gone so quickly that my brain is struggling to comprehend why it’s still not summer!

Often, people use the end of the year, and the start of a new year, to reflect on how the year went and what their plans are for next year.  But, why wait until the end of the year when you can do it now?  Why wait when you can do a mid year reflection?

So, how do you do a mid year reflection or review? Like anything, there are a million of different ways, but, the way I like to do it is to use a few questions to prompt my thinking.

My aim, when I do my review, is to reflect on whether the goals I set at the start of the year are still relevant, how I am progressing towards them and what I can improve on for the remainder of the year.

Just a small note, a mid year reflection is not a time to beat yourself up because you haven’t achieved what you said you would at the start of the year.

If you haven’t progressed towards your goal, you’re not alone.  After all, the percentage of people who actually do what they say they are going to do at the start of the year is tiny.  Some studies say it’s as low as 1% and the best I’ve heard is 18%.  That means, as a best-case scenario, only 18% of people actually work on, and accomplish, the things they say they are going to at the start of the year.   For most people, their new year’s resolutions and goals are forgotten by mid January.

So, if you’re ready to do a mid-year reflection, how do you go about it?

For my mid-year reflection, I follow a really simple process and work through the following six questions, that I break up into goals, progress and focus:

  1. What were my goals at the beginning of this year?
  2. Are my goals the same, or have things changed?
  1. What have I been doing this year that is working and I need to do more of?
  2. What am I doing this year that’s not working and I need to do less of?
  3. What am I not doing, yet, that I want to start doing?
  1. What three words do I want to represent my next six months and why?


I find these questions work for me.  They remind me to reconnect with my goals for the year, focus on what I’ve done well (and can do more of) and where I need to improve (and do less of).

They also prompt me to step out of my comfort zone, for a couple of reason.  Firstly, the questions allow me to call out the things I should be doing to reach my goals, but I’m not yet doing.  Secondly, by defining three words that I want the next six months to represent (and then reviewing them daily), I’m forced to answer the following question – what do I need to be doing to bring these words to life?  They become my guiding principles for the next six months.

So, are you ready to do a mid-year reflection?  If so, then have a go at working through these six questions.  You might find you can read each question and answer them off the top of your head.  Or, maybe, you want to take a bit more time and answer them in a journal.  Or perhaps, you want to take it one step further and use the questions as a conversation starter with your partner or your friends.

And, if you feel like sharing the three words that you want to define your next six months, please do.  Mine are courageous, generous and committed.

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