stop trying to be perfect

“Want to be happy? Stop trying to be perfect.” – Brene Brown

Perfectionism is a dream crusher.

Trying to be perfect will paralyse you.  It will stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone, taking action and following your goals and dreams.

It’s the fear of:

  • Not being enough
  • Not being good enough
  • Being judged

But, the only person judging you is…you!!

Trying to be perfect is killing your productivity:

  • I’ll just change the colour on this slide (again)
  • I need to rewrite this it isn’t perfect
  • I can’t start because I’m not the perfect speaker, writer, business owner, employee that everyone expects me to be

Perfectionism is procrastination:

  • Missed deadlines because nothing you do is good enough
  • Surfing the net and social media because it’s easier than facing your fear of not being enough

Perfectionism is excuses, so many excuses.

Perfectionism is overwhelm, anxiety and disappointment.

The opposite to perfectionism is having the courage to let go of all of this.

The opposite of perfectionism is taking action, despite it not being perfect.  It’s knowing that it’s OK to make mistakes and not get it right – that’s how you learn and grow.

And, when you mess up or things don’t go to plan or it feels way too hard, it’s remembering that’s part of the process.  It’s hard because you are growing, learning and changing.   Not because you aren’t enough.  You are always enough.

Finally, the opposite to perfectionism is being kind to yourself.  Rather than beating yourself up for not being good enough or wishing you were different, it’s saying:

“It’s OK to be scared.  I’ve got this.  I can do this and it doesn’t have to be perfect.  I’m actually doing it!!!’

So, be kinder to yourself today.   It’s so much nicer than the alternative.

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