It’s easy to get caught up thinking that our goals need to be monumental or based on another person’s definition of success. This can make setting goals intimidating or daunting. 

Don’t let this put you off or stop you as having goals is so important.  It gives you something to put your focus and your energy into, rather than being distracted by day to day noise. 

Goals don’t have to be anything big and life changing and in if I’m perfectly honest with you, there is only a very small percentage of the population that do set and work towards life-long significant goals.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t do this, but, if getting started is a problem then why not just start small:

Start with a goal for the day.  Such as:

  • Today I am going for a 30-minute walk, not tomorrow, today. 
  • Today I am not going to eat chocolate. 
  • Today I am going to drink eight glasses of water.
  • Today I am making 10 sales calls.
  • Today I am writing 1 blog post.

You get the idea.

What this does is it sets an intention for the day, gives you some direction on where to focus your energy. 

It gives you something to measure for that day – did you achieve your goal or not? Was your walk 30 minutes or 40 minutes.  Measurement is such an important part of working towards our goals or changing our habits and by doing this on a small daily basis you are building the skills for bigger goals down the track. You can read more on measurement here.

Finally, starting with small daily goals will also give you a sense of accomplishment once you’ve hit your goal for the day.  That sense of accomplishment alone can be enough to motivate us to do it again the next day.

Once you’ve mastered daily goals, look at setting weekly goals.  This week I will…

  • This week I will exercise three mornings before work
  • This week I will take my lunch to work four days
  • This week I will call two of my siblings
  • This week I will make one new networking contact

Daily and weekly goals, or targets, break our actions down into bite sized chunks.  Sometimes it’s just too much to think about the bigger goal, it’s too overwhelming.  When you feel like this start small. 

When you start small you start the process of setting an intention and taking action to meet it.  Doing this repeatedly will make it easier when you are ready to set longer term goals.

When you start small you have many milestones of achievement.  You change your mindset from ‘I can’t do it’, ‘goal setting doesn’t work for me’ and ‘I never stick to goals’ to ‘I can do it’, ‘I smashed my goal again’ and ‘now I’ve done this, what’s next?’.

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the idea of setting goals, start small.  Commit to at least one thing you want to achieve today.  Write it down and give yourself a big pat on the back once you’ve done it and notice how motivating that feels.

And let me know, what are some small goals you’re ready to start working on, today?

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