100% responsibility

My tip for this week is …take 100% responsibility.

Responsibility for your own results, your own growth and development, your own happiness, fulfilment and success at work.

100% responsibility for the quality of your relationships, the results you produce, your health and fitness and your general wellbeing.

Not waiting for someone else to tell you you’re doing a good job.

Not waiting for someone else to give you direction or tell you what to do next.

100% responsibility and ownership for your goals, what you need to do to get there and whether what you are doing is working or not.  And, if it’s not, being flexible enough to make the changes so it does work.

I recently worked with a client who was blaming his boss for how unhappy he was at work, for the fact he got no feedback so didn’t know if he was doing a good job or not.  He felt powerless because he was giving all his power for his development and happiness to his boss.  Because he was powerless he felt unhappy, flat and unmotivated.  And, according to him, it was all his bosses fault.

So I challenged him.  What if he gave himself feedback?  What if they only way he knew he was doing well and doing what was needed was to set himself some targets and review his performance against that.  What if he was responsible for his own happiness, development and fulfilment at work, what would he do differently, each and every day?

This gave him his power back.  He no longer had to wait for someone else to tell him what to do or if he was doing it right or if he was meeting targets.  He was taking responsibility for his own performance.

So, start taking 100% responsibility for all parts of your life.  No more blame, no more complaining, no more excuses.

If something isn’t working, ask yourself:

“How can I turn this around?”

“What can I do differently?”

“What part do I play in this?”

“What is the solution here?”

It’s not always easy to take 100% responsibility.  It’s easier to blame or make excuses for the parts of our life we don’t like.  But all that does is keep us stuck and unhappy.

So, from this point on, make the choice to act as if you are 100% responsible for your results.  It will force you to find new solutions.  It will force you to do things differently.  It will force you out of your comfort zone.  But it will also give you your power back.  When you take full responsibility, you accept you have created your own results.  No one else.  This means, if you don’t like your results, that you have created, you can change them.

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