don't forget to give feedback

My tip for the week is…don’t forget to give feedback.

Only this morning I had a conversation with someone who said “I’ve got a good job.  I get paid well and I’ve heaps of autonomy.  The only problem is I have no idea how I’m going.  I get no feedback.  None at all.  Even negative feedback would be better than this.”

Feedback is essential to an employees ongoing development and should be used to reinforce positive behaviour and correct negative performance.  Yet, I’ve found it’s something that’s not used as often or as regularly as it should be.  In fact, all too often I’ve heard comments such as “if they don’t hear from me then they know they are doing a good job”.

This is not enough.  Even if someone is performing well you shouldn’t be complacent about giving praise.  Your employees need regular feedback to build their confidence and feel supported and nurtured.

Equally important is corrective feedback.  Although the conversation may be difficult, issues need to be addressed so problems don’t become bigger.

Do whatever you need to do to remind yourself to give feedback, particularly with people working remotely.  Schedule reminders in your calendar or make notes to praise an employee in your next conversation.  Whatever works for you.

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