questions to ponder

Questions to ponder this week, there’s two…

1) What am I doing now that I shouldn’t be?

Reacting to interruptions, prioritising your inbox/emails, perfecting a presentation/report that’s already done and good enough. Fixing your teams mistakes or finishing their work rather than getting them to step up and do it themselves. Attending meetings you don’t really need to be at, etc. The list goes on.

2) What am I not doing now that I should be?

These are your priorities. The high impact work that moves you towards achieving your goals and your team’s/organisation’s goals. Things you really want to do but can’t find the time to get to them because you’re too busy doing other things.

Asking these questions regularly forces you to think about the choices you are making when it comes to how you spend your day. Are you reacting to what’s going on around you and that’s dictating what you work on, or, are you consciously choosing to work on important tasks that will have an impact and move you and your team forward?

Aim to spend at least 65% of your day on important and impactful tasks. The only way you can do this is to stop spending time on the less important things.

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