I caught up with a girlfriend on the weekend who has lost a total of 25kgs! Amazing!!.  And 16 of those kilos came off since I last saw her, only eight months ago.  I asked her how she did it and, of course, it was a combination of diet and exercise. But the thing that stood out the most was her motto of ‘never skip a Monday’.

This resonated with me so much and I shared with her my motto of ‘never miss two in a row’ which I wrote about here.

My friend, has achieved something amazing.  She has struggled on and off with her weight for a long time and now looks, and more importantly, feels amazing.

She didn’t do this by wishing she was thinner.  And she definitely didn’t do it by wishing she was healthier.  She did it by making changes and applying those changes consistently.

She knew her end goal and worked out what she needed to do in order to get there.  And, on the days when she didn’t feel like exercising or sticking to her diet she fought the urge to give in and now has the results to show for it.

Never skip a Monday

Her trick to maintain consistency was to never skip a Monday.  She knew if she missed Monday, her primitive part of her brain, the part we all have that tells us to give into temptation, would be louder all week.  She’d not only miss Monday but she’d miss the rest of the week too.

If she was disciplined and exercised on Monday and kept to her diet that was enough to keep her motivated for the rest of the week.

The reason I love her achievement and her results so much is she is just like you and me.  She’s a mum, in her mid 40’s, who works and has a small child.  She ‘didn’t have time’ to look after herself and found herself in a situation she wasn’t happy with.  She set a goal and consistently ‘found the time’ and got the results she wanted.

What is it you’ve been putting off because you ‘don’t have time’?  What’s your motto going to be?   Use it  to help you maintain consistency with your daily habits and choices so you can achieve the results you want?

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