what are you feeling

Wait!  What are you feeling right now?

Know that whatever you are feeling is caused by a thought you are having.  Overwhelm, frustration, sadness, joy, love, happiness, disappointment –  all are caused by your thoughts.

And, how you feel determines how you act, or don’t act – your actions.  Whether you procrastinate, binge on TV, waste time scrolling through social media, exercise or don’t exercise, tell someone you love them, snap at someone, have the difficult discussion, make that call.

And your actions (what you do and don’t do) causes the results in your life.  Your weight, your finances, the state of your relationships, your career, etc.  Have a look around you.  These are your results.

Do you like your results?

If not, it’s time to have a look at your thoughts.

Because, what you think causes your results.  And that pretty great, because, your thoughts are optional.  You can change them.

But first you need to get to know your thoughts.  You can’t change anything if you aren’t aware of it.

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