what can I do about it

Have you been complaining a lot lately?  Is it sending you into a downward spiral of more and more complaining?  If so, I have a question for you to ponder this week.  The question is…what can I do about it?

I’ve been complaining a lot lately.  About small things, big things, Melbourne’s lockdown etc.

It’s not something I usually do, and it’s really affected how I feel–powerless.  And, the more I do it, the more I hit a downward spiral and continue to do it.

To break this cycle, I’ve been asking ‘what can I do about it?’

Melbourne lockdown–what can I do about it?  Absolutely nothing!!  So I’ve decided to stop complaining, acknowledge that it’s hard and shift my focus to what I can control–moments of gratitude and appreciation.

My ageing skin (yes, embarrassingly I’ve been complaining about this, a lot!).  What can I do about it?  Change my skin routine, see if that helps and be kinder to myself.  I’m in my mid-forties after all!!

Complaining about how long someone is taking to get back to me-what can I do about it?  I scheduled time in my dairy to follow up.

Not being able to find anything easily in the kitchen draw.  What can I do about it? Clean it out.

Not having time to sit down and read my book?  What can I do about it?  Stop putting everything else before my needs and say no to something and sit and read.

These things are small, but they were taking up too much mental energy. And, complaining and doing nothing, and complaining about things out of my control, sent me into a downward spiral of more complaining.

So, remember to ask, ‘what can I do about it?’  And, if you can do something then do that thing and stop complaining.

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