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Here’s a self-coaching question for you today”

What can I let go of today?

We all have ‘stories’ we tell ourselves.  Stories that hold us back.

‘I’m not confident’
‘I’m not good with people’
‘I can never think of anything interesting to say’

These stories hold us back because when we think them, we feel less than we are capable of and we act in a way that confirms that story.

To reach the potential you are capable of, you need to start to let go of your ‘stories’.

So, what are some of the stories you carry around with you?  What impact do they have?  Which ones are you willing to let go of right now?  After all, your story is just a thought, a thought you’ve thought so many times you think it’s true.

But it’s just a thought and a thought is just a sentence in your mind and you have complete power to change that sentence to anything you want it to be.

One that will empower you to be all that you are capable of:

‘My confidence is growing’
‘There are many people I am comfortable with’
‘I can be interesting’

Just be warned though, you’ve thought that old thought (story) for so long now that it’s automatic. This means it will keep popping up because the neural pathway to that thought is so ingrained in your brain it’s like a super highway.  But, all you need to do is consciously remember the new thought you want to think instead.  And keep replaying that new thought.  The neural pathway for that new thought will get stronger.  It will grow from a tiny path to it’s own super highway and the old thought will eventually fade away.

Have fun letting go of your stories!!

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