small goal for this week
What’s your small goal for this week? Something you want to accomplish by the end of the week or something you want to work on daily?
We are out of routine. We are living with massive amounts of uncertainty. It’s easy for our brains to go crazy and either send us into:
– panic- endlessly worrying about what might happen,
– inertia-what’s the point of doing anything, I’m just going to watch another session on Netflix or
– perfectionism-I’m going to use this time to get ‘everything’ done and if I’m not achieving all of that (as well as balancing work with kids at home) then I’m failing.
A way to help yourself through this is to set mini daily or weekly goals. It doesn’t have to be big, in fact, sometimes the smaller the better.
Just set something for this week that will challenge you to grow.
It might be learning a new skill or language. Reading a book. Reaching out and connecting with friends you haven’t seen for a while. Adding in a new exercise challenge.
Whatever it is, make sure it is something that you can’t yet do or don’t do but want to.
Mine for this week is to be able to consistently do 10 double unders in a row. Not a massive goal, by any means, but it’s something I can’t do at the moment and to reach it I need to work at it, a little bit each and every day.
Having these little goals will not only motivate you each day, it will also give you a great sense of accomplishment once you reach it. Something we all need at the moment.
Share your weekly goal with your family members. Ask them to share theirs and encourage and support them as they work towards them. Kids love having a challenge they can work towards.
So, what’s your goal for this week? Share it below and I’ll be there cheering you on and supporting you as you work towards it though out this week.

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