Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and under-appreciated isn’t actually about your job, your relationships or your appearance.


It’s not even due to coronavirus.


What it’s about, is your brain.


Wait … what?


Whatever you want to change in your life, it all starts in your mind and it can all start right now.


Like many women, you’re experiencing…

  • Low energy, fatigue and brain fog from the tedium of day to day life
  • Feelings of insecurity and imposter syndrome
  • Constant people pleasing, not knowing how to say no, leading to feeling resentful, unappreciated and taken for granted
  • Thoughts of ‘I’m not good enough’ and feeling trapped in a life that doesn’t match the one you expected to have
  • Avoiding mirrors as you no longer like or recognise the person looking back
  • Pre-occupied by what people think of you and beating yourself up because you should have a better body, better relationships, better career
  • Stuck in a stressed-out rut, believing that confidence, motivation and happiness is out of your reach

And, so you then:

  • Eat, drink or spend too much to numb feelings of boredom and inadequacy
  • Mindlessly scroll through social media or binge on Netflix yet feel as though there’s never enough time
  • Snap at family and friends, ultimately feeling bad about how you’re treating your loved ones
  • Constantly beat yourself about a life of dreams unrealised and a cupboard full of clothes that don’t fit, to
  • Finally accept things as they are. This is as good as it gets.  You don’t deserve any better.


Except there is another way. Imagine a life where…

  • You can manage triggers of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and fear and feel in control of your life
  • Are kind to yourself, and feel confident about your abilities and worth
  • Have your career, marriage and health in the best shape they’ve ever been
  • Feel heard and valued, knowing you do make a difference
  • Know that your worth isn’t determined by what you weigh or what someone else thinks of you


You’re in control of how you think. You choose how you want your life to be.


Why join Women Who Thrive…

Women Who Thrive is a coaching program that has been designed to give you insight into the habitual thinking that has been keeping you stuck.  It’s structured to fit in with your already busy lifestyle and will give you support, accountability and consistency so you can take back control of your life and create any change you want:

one on one coaching

Two one on one coaching sessions (phone or zoom) each month where you can bring any topic or problem you want coaching on.

facebook community

Online coaching and guidance to help you with any questions or areas you are stuck and struggling between your coaching calls, plus

24/7 access to a community of like-minded women, committed to their own growth and happiness.

monthly q&a

Live video class each month where I answer any coaching questions you have and we deep dive into tools and strategies you can use on a day to day basis.


Workbooks delivered weekly to help you apply the tools we teach on a daily basis. Including:

  • How to feel better – the daily coaching model to use in any situation
  • How to achieve any goal, easier and faster than you thought
  • How to be better organised and get more done
  • How to stop over-drinking, and more…

To make it accessible to as many Women as possible during this time, it’s only $299 a month.



Why am I doing this?

It’s was around 10 or so years ago that I found myself in a life that looked fantastic on paper – great job, great relationship, gorgeous family – but I was miserable.  I pushed myself too hard, constantly telling myself I wasn’t a good enough parent, I should be doing more in my career, I should be thinner, prettier, fitter, etc.  Nothing I did was good enough, because I wasn’t good enough.

I realised I couldn’t continue like this and studied psychology and coaching and discovered all of my problems were caused by me.  They were caused by I was thinking.  How I was feeling had nothing to do with what my boss thought of me or the fight I had with my partner or how much I weighed.  The crappy way I felt was all due to the thoughts I was having about myself.

I spent a lot of time working through this, and since then have worked with hundreds and hundreds of people to help them do the same.   And, what I’ve noticed is that the biggest thing holding women back from living the life they want is their thinking.  We are our own worst enemy!

That’s why I’m passionate about helping as many women as possible to learn the skills to manage their mind and thinking.  Because I know how life changing it can be.

And, I truely believe that once you learn how to do this, during one of the hardest times we will ever experience in our lifetime, imagine what you’ll be capable of once this crisis is over.

So, that’s why I’m doing this and why I’m offering this price for a limited time.  I am committed to helping as many women as possible as I know how life changing it can be.

What will be different once you’re part of Women Who Thrive…

  • You’re not so triggered or fearful of what’s going on in the world, because you know you can handle it
  • You feel in control and know how to manage stress, overwhelm and fear
  • You’ll feel worthy again, stop caring so much what others think and find you are kinder to yourself
  • You get way more done and feel a lot more confident about your abilities and worth
  • You have the tools to control your eating and drinking urges and feel happy to look in the mirror again
  • Your relationship with yourself and others is the best it’s ever been




  • The fine print:  your membership will renew every month, so you never miss out.  You can cancel at any time to avoid being billed for the next month.  There are no refunds, because you won’t want one.