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Meet Faith…

I’m owner of The Goals Hub and creator of The Impactful Amplifier, The Goals Academy and Women Who Thrive.

I started my career in Finance and qualified as a CPA.  And, after a 15 year corporate career in senior leadership roles, I went back to University and studied Psychology and then coaching.

I took a leap and left my high paying corporate role to combine my practical corporate and leadership background with my expertise and knowledge in human behaviour. And, 10 years later, here I am. I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds and hundreds of professionals, just like you, helping them uncover what’s holding them back from creating the career success they desire.

I now specialise in working with professional women, particularly those in the fields of finance and accounting, so that they can become more confident, impactful leaders and communicators.

And, I do this because I get really energised by helping transform people through self-leadership, and I know how impactful and how valuable you can be once you overcome the things that are holding you back.